Amal Public School came into being as the realization of a dream that was cherished by many, nurtured and outlined for our children with their best interests in mind. The aim of Amal Charitable Trust which runs the school is to serve the nation in general, by providing the right education, meeting international standards based upon faith and time honoured values. The management of Amal Public School believes that no child, provided with the right guidance, will fail to acquire the temperament and training essential for the attainment of success in life.
We wish to impart to the young ones who come to our campus, an education that will help them grow intellectually as well as culturally, an education that will instil in them a passion for service and sacrifice that will ultimately equip them with all qualities and accomplishments required to attain the well-being of all, irrespective of caste, creed or

colour. We are aware that it is only a genuine spirit of generosity that comprises mercy for the weak, respect or the elders and tolerance towards all religions that can help the students and teachers to work in unison in the pursuit of the noble vision. Any compromise made in the right education and training of children will reflect adversely in the character of the coming generation. Therefore, let us commit ourselves to the noble task of paving the path for the true enlightenment and development of our younger generation.

Thank you