Vission and Mission

Our dream is an educational destination of global standard on the model of the prestigious “Qatar Foundation” or “Knowledge Village, Dubai” in Kerala to impart quality education. We have named the project. “Knowledge Village Kochi” (KVK). To realize this noble vision, we wish to establish and post graduate studies including advanced research. Our endeavour is to develop KVK into a center of excellence that can provide quality education meeting international education standards.


Our children are our future. Their success is our success.
We aim to mould generations of intellectually astute, spiritually stable, value conscious and level headed citizens who shall be guided firmly but with kindness and impartiality.


Amal Public School promotes a safe, orderly, caring and supportive environment. We respect the individual needs of children and emphasize the social, creative, emotional, physical, intellectual, moral and spiritual development of each child. We strive to have our parents and teachers actively involved in our students’ learning. We inculcate the values of self-respect and respect for others, so that they grow into responsible citizens with potential to transform the society.

Aims & Objective

* To impart quality education enabling pupils to keep abreast of the times.
* To provide comprehensive education so as to develop in children a sound character and a rounded personality.
* To mould children with a keen sense of discipline, responsibility, initiative, integrity, self-confidence, self-esteem and positive self-image.
* To impart sound religious and moral education so as to uphold moral values in life.
* To ensure sound physical and intellectual development.
* To help each child with emotional responses, to adjust to necessary changes and to overcome obstacles.
* To help each child to respect the rights and privileges of others and their points of view.