We are Special

  • Well researched and pre-defined developmental milestones
  • Appropriate teaching and learning strategies
  • Differential instruction
  • Daily life skill activities enabling child to be independent
  • Daily progression review
  • In-depth and continuous teacher's training
  • Zero homework ; child learns everything at school
  • Teacher student ratio 1:15
  • Safe and hygienic environment
  • Well planned , child friendly classrooms
  • Safe and non-toxic didactic materials
  • Structured indoor and outdoor play


We are proud of our kindergarten which follows a combination of traditional and Montessori systems of teaching. In Amal Public School Montessori, we restore childhood back to the child, to give substance to the dreams of students, parents and educators. We want to leave the child to be creative, to discover for himself the world and the environment in which he lives and to relate with and to be autonomous. The Montessori system of education introduced by the Italian doctor and educational expert Dr. Maria Montessori is based on self-directed activities of the child and clinical observation by the teacher.

The Montessori approach also involves lots of physical activity that help in absorbing abstract concepts as well as practical skills. Educational research has now established that early years of a child are the most important in his life. Early childhood is the only period when qualities of mind, character and body can be absorbed so as to form an inherent part of the individuals personality. A happy child will translate into a happy adult. In the Montessori system, children develop into four main areas: Practical Skills, Sensorial Skills, Arithmetic Skills and Cultural Skills. Our school can boast of a full-fledged Montessori laboratory. We use the lab and classroom activities to achieve the four main areas of the Montessori system. We employ only Montessori trained teachers to look after the Montessori part.

Montessori Day falls on 31st August corresponding to Dr. Maria Montessori birthday and we celebrate it in a colorful way. This gives the kids an opportunity to give expression to their artistic talents like vegetable printing and skills like vegetable slicing, grating etc. They also engage in craft work and their artefacts are displayed in an exhibition open to the parents.