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Amal Public School

Global Vision, Indian Values, Quality education

(CBSE Affiliation No: 931156)
School Hours : 8.30am - 3.30pm

Office : 9.00am - 2.00pm (Second Saturday Holiday)
+91 8281675726

Amal Public School is an English Medium School of excellence following the CBSE stream. The school is situated in a sylvan environment about 2 km south of the Periyar at Chalakkal, Aluva and is a second home for 600 students. The pristine vegetation provides a calm, healthy atmosphere for learning. The school provides state of the art facilities in the form of spacious, well lit and properly ventilated classrooms, furniture of international standards, fully equipped science and computer labs, a library of rich collection, and above all, a team of qualified and experienced expert teachers.


Staff Members

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Jasmine Abdul Nazar(B.Sc, M.A., B.Ed,PGDSLM)Principal Dhanya K.N(M.A., B.Ed English)Vice Principal Syamili V.S(M.A., B. Ed Advanced Diploma in Archeology & museology)Teacher Laya Chandran(B.Sc., B.Ed Maths)Teacher Sulfia Saleem(M.Sc., B.Ed Physics)Teacher Shameena. K.B(M.Sc., B.Ed Chemistry)Teacher Cigi Antony(M.Sc., M.Ed)Teacher Shahana. K.A(M.A., B.Ed Malayalam)Teacher Anu sunny(M.A., B.Ed)Teacher Fathima Hiba(B.A., B. Ed English)Teacher Sabitha C.B(B.A., B.Ed Hindi)Teacher Sunitha K.A(M.A., B.Ed Hindi)Teacher Shailaja. M.S(B.Sc., B.Ed)Teacher Mymoona Bee V.A(M.A., B.Ed)Teacher Anujath Ali(B.Sc, B.Ed)Teacher Rubeena. M.A(B.Sc Maths, B.Ed)Teacher Dhanya Ganesh(M.Sc.,B.Ed)Teacher JyothiViswanathan(B.A.,B.Ed Malayalam)Teacher Kavitha .M.C(B.A., D.F.A)Teacher Rasiya. T.A(B.A., B.Ed Arabic)Teacher Sanu Mohan(B.A., BPED)Teacher K.K. Abdul Rasheed(Afzal Ul Ulama)Teacher Fasaludheen(M.A., B.Ed)Teacher Alex E.V.(M.Lisc)Librarian SoudhaBeevi.V.A(B.Sc, MTTC, B.Ed)K.G. Head Shemeena. M.A(M.A Islamic History, NTTC)Teacher Shiny Jacob(B.A. NTTC)Librarian Sheena Biju(PDC, MTTC)Teacher Rasna Rashid(B.A.,MTTC)Teacher Regi Sunil(B.A, P.G. Diploma in MTTC)Teacher SindhuShaji(B.A., NTTC., Asst. Teacher)Teacher Safiya. M.H(SSLC, NTTC, Asst. Teacher)Teacher Rukhsana. M.M(Diploma in Electronics, DCA, DMTTC)Teacher DisniLatheef(B.Com., NTTC)Teacher Husna A.K(M.Sc.,B.Ed Special Education)Special Educator Rahana Biju(B.A Music)Music Stephen MathewTaekwondo BabuGuitar XavierKeyboard ShojiDance Nahaz Ashraf(B.Com, DCA. N+, Tally)Dy. Administrator Sreeja T.S(M.com, PGDCA, Tally)Office Secretary Harshitha T.(B.Com, Tally)Cashier LekhaHari(B.A.,DTP)D.T.P. Operator Shahida A. K.(PDC)Store Keeper